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Since the 1960's I have fished the rivers, creeks, farm ponds  and mountain streams  of Western Virginia and West Virginia as well as the sandy shores of the Atlantic Coast. The son of a fishing minister I recall holding up the latest catch while dad took a photo and I impatiently waited as he timed the 60 seconds on his Timex for the "high tech" Polaroid to develop.   We pealed the film back  with anticipation of the next great memory and proof that in fact the Preacher did catch fish this trip.

Summer Fly Fishing

Since those early days I have spent the last 30 years as a tournament angler and now as a professional guide.  Teaching young people to fish, beginning fly anglers to cast and experienced fishermen a new trick or two is what I enjoy most.  I believe that there are those who love to fish and those that haven't done it yet.  Our days on the water are about so much more than just fishing.   We are all about having fun, and "We Take Our Fun Seriously".    I am  thankful for those that continue to fish with us, whether we do it with Spinning gear, the long rod and a fly, or yes, even the Zebco and a can of worms.   Come experience a day on the water with the Mirimichi Fly Fishing Staff in the beautiful Shenandoah or Piedmont Valleys and see why our clients keep coming back.   The water is our office and the view is spectacular !


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